We specialize in providing selective species from each of the countries we work in, for example, premium quality Niangon comes from Ghana and Liberia whereas African Teak, called Iroko, comes from Cameroon. Below is the list of species that we can provide on made to order basis
No. Name Detail
1 Niangon View More
2 Iroko View More
3 Azobe (Ekki) View More
4 Dahoma (Dabema) View More
5 Okan (Denya) View More
6 Khaya (African Mahogany) View More
7 Doussie View More
8 Bilinga (Kusia) View More
9 Padouk View More
10 Tali View More
11 Limbali View More
12 Teak (Tectona Grandis)
All above species available are sawn to required specs and can be sold as lumber, rough squares, boules, plots, slabs, etc. We have facility to provide KD wood from Ghana and Cameroon.